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by ZillionTech



We often want to know the speed of our Internet connection. There are a wide variety of websites and software available online which will test your bandwidth. Here is how to test your bandwidth without installing any software.


  1. Visit www.testmy.net
  2. If you want to check download speed then click on "Download Speed Check". Click "Upload Speed Test" to check upload speed.
  3. On the next page click "Smart Test" for the first time. If you want more accurate result, then select larger test. But larger tests will require more time.
  4. After a few moments you'll see the detailed report about your Internet connection bandwidth.


  • Consider testing your bandwidth at various times of the day, as it can vary throughout the day depending on how many people are sharing the broadband line.
  • Your bandwidth capacity will fluctuate every time you take the test, due to server and client side caching, web site traffic, and many other factors.